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October 29, 2015

april - october playlist.

I haven't done a playlist in a while — which caused me to combine my april/may/june/july playlist, and then an august/september playlist in a panic — so I decided I'd combine all of the songs I've been obsessed with since april until now (however, I'm not doing that on my spotify, because I get too attached to playlists the way they are, so you can listen to april/may/june/july here, august/september here, and october here).

The above songs are the ones I haven't stopped listening to for six months, and are, as usual, a mix of all genres. Follow me on spotify for more monthly playlists.

*Note: Tim Atlas's song is called "Ten Goodbyes," but because there's no spellcheck on photoshop and I'm so quick to not save the .psd files of things, it makes me look like I can't spell. Ah well.

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