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December 26, 2015

etsy/blog business cards.

It's been on my list of things to do — and my 26 things list — to reopen my etsy shop. Well, I think it's finally going to happen, people. My friend Alyssa asked me to make mugs (like the ones I used to sell) for her coworkers, and it's the second year in a row she asked me if I'd mind, since I don't sell them anymore. As soon as she asked, I knew I wanted to do it, because it had been so long. Because of this eagerness, I decided that the ideas I have for my Etsy shop seriously need to be executed asap, so I jumped onto overnight prints to make some business cards.I know that seems backwards, but that's kind of the way I operate. In my head I thought, if I have super cool, official looking business cards, I'll be inspired to want to get my ass into gear with the Etsy shop and start creating again. So, that's what I did.I designed a business card using a bunch of photos of my custom mugs and a few of the stamps out of the ones I've made for myself that I think will be good sellers online. With the pictures on one side, I took to the other side to add some of my info (because, duh) and used a red color as a base because it matched the flowers in one of the photos on the backside. I typed in the details that I wanted on the card — it was important for me to include my blog address as well as my shop link — and added my name to the top in my own handwriting.

And that's that. Overnight prints took about three weeks to deliver my cards, but seeing as I was in no rush (I didn't want to reopen my shop before Christmas because I didn't have the time to work on mugs or ordering stamps during the month of December) it all worked out fine. I'm looking forward to slipping these into orders when I officially reopen my shop in the new year.

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