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January 8, 2016

friday link love | 15.

For the third year running, I'm printing out this freebie calendar from The Anastasia Co to clip into my gold clipboard.
This miniseries is taking the world by storm, and if you've seen it you know why — if you haven't, what the eff are you doing?
Best twitter response EVER.
Popsugar got a double shoutout in this hilarious video.
The NY Post referenced my post about being a hot nanny, which is pretty awesome.
If you use spotify and haven't seen your year in music for 2015 yet, DO IT.
From my coworkers: a compilation of insane theories surrounding Making a Murderer, Adele impersonating herself, Snape's story edited together in chronological order, and Harry Potter told in emoji texts.
And from me: a man and boy 57 years apart talking about life, an adorable, real life elf on the shelf, and a heartbreaking — yet heartwarming — letter from a mother to her daughter from beyond the grave.

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