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January 11, 2016

one little word 2016 | diy canvas.

The first year I did one little word, I made two canvases (this one and this one) to represent my word and keep it in the forefront of my mind by putting them somewhere I'd see them every day. I continued that tradition last year and made a canvas using my word's definition, so this year making another one was a no-brainer. Like the previous two years, I kept it simple, though this time I combined both methods used in the others — a little bit of black and white (and pink) paint and a gold paint marker (because, again, when am I not breaking that thing out? Exhibit A and B). I sloppily applied the paint, let it dry, then outlined my word, "contentment," in skinny gold capitals.I like making these simple canvases for this purpose because they keep the spotlight on the word itself without being in my face. The 2014 and 2015 canvases are a part of a gallery wall in my room (which I keep meaning to take photos of), but I put this one over my desk so it kind of has it's own little spot for the year. I'm hoping that seeing it every day will really help me work on myself this to truly be a more content person in twenty sixteen.
One Little Word is a workshop run by Ali Edwards in which participants choose one word to focus on for an entire year. Read about Ali's OLW here, and see all of my related posts for OLW 2014 here, 2015 here, and 2016 here.

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