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February 5, 2016

friday link love | 16.

Harry Style's birthday tweet on Monday was everything.
Adele told Donald Trump to suck it, basically. Queen.
This tweet of a story about Alan Rickman's early days on set of HP.
I had a truly picture perfect latte and I had to Instagram it. I'm sorry.
The P.S.S. at the end of this post is literally what came out of my mouth while watching Making a Murderer.
A hysterical post about parenting from Fatherly.
This is what happens when you mess with my basketball skillz.
From my coworkers: Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard doing the damn thing in Africa and Daniel Radcliffe's touching tribute to Alan Rickman.
And from me: the cutest little boy in the world attempting a perfect alphabet, an 11-year-old boy crushing a performance of Adele's "Hello," and a little cutie who got thrown a puck at a hockey game.

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