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March 15, 2016

goodbye, twenty five.

I turned 26 last Tuesday, and even though I couldn't get my blogging together in time, I still want to reflect on 25 in the same way that I reflected on 24 last year, so here it goes: 25 things that made my 26th year amazing. (And coming tomorrow, 27 things in my 27th year.)

1// I took an epic road trip with my best friends to Portland, ME.
2// I got my sixth tattoo on my 25th birthday.
3// I had my favorite meal of the year (maybe ever) in SF in April. I still think about it now.
4// I got my absolute dream job just a few days after my birthday, and it's been the best year of my working life.
5// I was converted from a football-hater to a football-butt-lover who also appreciates the game.
6// Got to meet and interview one of my girl crushes, Ayesha Curry.
7// I moved into an amazing house with my two best friends, and it's been a party since day one.
8// Went on a brewery tour in Portland and got drunk off tastings (aka, the best way to do it).
10// I caught the essences of Max and my relationship on video, and it's my favorite thing in the world.
11// I finally invested in business cards and reopened my Etsy shop.
12// Celebrated Max turning four.
13// And Sky turning one (!).
14// I perfected the homemade bacon, egg, and cheese everything bagel. Seriously.
15// I started up the #alessiacommutes hashtag again with my classic platform photos.
16// I started off 2016 with a new one little word: contentment.
17// I spent a week with my babies in California, and it was the most fun we've had.
18// I traveled to SF twice, and fell in love with it.
19// Started spending more time with my little cousin Sam, who I swear is actually my twin sister.
20// Got to celebrate my pooch's first real birthday on the leap day.
21// Celebrated my first Christmas not living in my parent's house, which was weird, but so much fun.
22// I saw Ed Sheeran for the fifth time.
23// I also saw Taking Back Sunday two times within four days because they're still my favorite band, and probably always will be.
24// Got myself a work wife who works remote from Chicago, and as if that's not the best thing that happened to me this year, actually getting to meet each other in June takes the cake.
25// Celebrated the end of 25 and the beginning of 26 with all of my favorite people on a party bus.

Bring it on 26.

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